We are a non-denominational group of psychological therapists who wish to serve individuals and communities in the London region. We combine a personal commitment to the Christian faith (see Nicene Creed) with professional qualifications and registration with recognised national bodies in psychology, psychological healthcare and psychotherapy. We meet regularly for peer support and supervision, and for continuing professional development.

If you are a practising Christian and hold professional qualifications and registration with recognised UK bodies, we would be interested in hearing from you. In the first instance the following are required:

  1. Church leader’s character reference (confirming your status as a practising Christian)
  2. Evidence of Professional accreditation/registration, e.g. certificate, indicating which professional body you are accredited/registered with
  3. A professional supervisor’s reference
  4. A copy of your Professional Indemnity Insurance certificate
  5. A signature to confirm your agreement with the statement of faith (Nicene creed)
  6. A signature to confirm you will continue to uphold and renew your professional accreditation/registration and indemnity insurance, receive regular supervision and affirm the Nicene Creed whilst you remain with us as CPSL member.
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